21 September 2010

for u ='|

u wont be his frist ,
 his last or his only ,
he's love before ,
 he will love again but if he love u now what else matter ,
hes not perfect and netiher are u and the 2 of u will never be perfect but if he make u laugh ,
at least onec causes u to think twice ,
and admits to being human ,
and making mistake . . .
hold on to him ,
and give him all u've got ,
he is not going to quote peotry ,
he is not going to be thinking about u every moment ,
but he will give u a part of him ,
that he knows u can break dont hurt him ,
dont change him ,
dont expect too much from him ,
smile when he makes u happy ,
cry when he make u sad ,
and mizz him when hes not there .. . . . . . .

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