06 October 2010

walk away

I guess i shoulda known better to believe i'm a lucky change . .
I lent my heart out forever n finally learned each other's names . .
I tell myself this time is different no goodbyes ,
cause i can't bear to say it . .
I'll never survive the one that's coming . .
If i stay , owh no !!
I really wish i could blame you but i know that it's no one's fault . .
Damn it !!
I was do !!
Cinderella with no shoe n the Prince is gonna know he's lost . .
He says these mistakes are so familiar . .
Each goodbye is just the same old stuff but this time i will not surrender , cause i'm done . .
I've got to let it go , start protecting my heart n soul . .
Cause i don't think i'll survive a goodbye again . .
Just do walk away n don't look back n never to see it again . .
Cause if my heart breaks , it's gonna hurt so bad . .
You know i'm strong , but i can't take this before it's too late . .
N now just to do is walk away n away . . . .

T_T crying ~

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