18 December 2010

never . supposed . stop it !

Never Say I love you if you don't really care,
Never talk about feeling if they aren't really there.
Never hold my hand if you're going to break my heart.
Never say you're to, if you never plan to start.
Never look into my eyes if all you do is lie.
Never say hello, if you really mean goodbye.
If you really mean forever, then say you will try.
Never say forever ' cause forever makes me cry.

I'm not supposed to love you,
I'm not supposed to care,
I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there,
I'm not supposed to wonder where you are and what to do,
I'm sorry I can't help myself,
I'm in love with you.

You're not worth the tears,
you're not worth the heartache.
I don't know why I give you the time.
You're not worth the pain,
you're not worth the emptiness.
I don't know why I wish you were mine.
I understand that with loves comes pain,
but why did i have to love so much?

p/s : The worst feeling in the world is giving all the love you have and knowing it will never be returned . 

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