01 March 2011

don't cry

 whe you were here before,,,,,
couldn't look you in the eye,,,,,
you're just like an angel,,,,
your skin makes me cry,,,,
you float like a everything,,,,
in a beautiful world,,,,
i wish i was special,,,,
& you're so fucking' special,,,
but i'm a creep,,,,
i'm a weirdo,,,,
what the hell am i doing here??,,,,
i don't belong here,,,
i don't care if it hurts,,,,
i wanna have control,,,
i want a perfect body,,,,
& i want a perfect soul,,,,
i want you to notice,,,,
when i'm not around,,,,
you're fucking'' special,,,,
i wish i was special,,,,
but i'm creep againt,,,,
i'm a weirdo,,
what the hell am i doing here???,,,,
when i don't belong here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
she 's running out aganit!!!!,,,
she's running out,,,,
'''she run,,she run '''
she run run and runnnnnn,,,, . . . . . .
whatever makes you happy,,,,
& whatever you want,,,,
you're so fucking' special,,,,
& i wish i was special...........

...... end .....

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