26 March 2011

i cant !!

I can't stop my love for you
we spoke toward the future ,
like we had a place we could go together ,
I'll become your everything I believe in your promise ,
to never let go of my hand as we walk ,
before our eyes, the mystery of this incomplete map ,
has spread and expanded but it moved my heart so much...
however you arrange your words,
these thoughts can never be told enough ,
this love is whispering the meaning of affection ,
because the speed at which we both will walk
is surely not the same...
if it happens am beside you and you drop my
so we don't lose one another, come back and
get me, okay ??
I won't say lies like "I hate you" but
For "I love you" that's never a lie isn't it ??
if I can't see you, if I can't be with you ,
don't you dare start getting lenient with your thoughts...
because this heart belongs to you and only you ,
so our love won't be torn apart,
the two of us will have to hold onto it as one and on those nights when uncertainty visits you take our love in your arms and embrace it tightly ,
of all of these irreplaceable things that you have given to me here the most precious thing you have given is you yourself . . .

*mummy ! I love you sayangs !

mood : cry+cry+cry :'(

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