26 March 2011

secret of my heart

if i were to change the words I say to you , do you suppose they would reach you?? since that time , many seasons have passed but even though i always smiled at your side there is still one thing I can't say . I'm waiting for a chance secret of my Heart, i have no doubt if there will ever be a little bit of tomorrow the truth ought to be placed in our hands . i can't say , just a little more i'm waiting for a chance . I'm afraid to show you my soul for a while, I walk apart from you, but why is it that your face looks about to break ?? i want to protect you, i want to be close to you . I'm calling for a chance secret of my Heart, you understand, right? everyone feels like they want to escape sometimes but if that's all we do, then nothing can begin , i can't say, but surely, absolutely i'm calling for a chance . Can I tell the truth ?? these words i cannot speak hover around my lips , feel in my Heart, i just can't hide any more than this ,
I will be with you wherever you are , Can you feel my heart ?? I just wanna say I WANT YOU BE APART IN MY LIFE AND TOGETHER CAUSE I LOVE YOU . Can't you see you're my Dream ?? i can't bear to lose . this precious time I have spent with you when you feel ready to give up, just believe i just wanna say, I'm not lost anymore . Can't you see that ?? you're my dream NADIA . there will
come a day when all the lies will easily be broken apart and yet, things will never change Secret of my Heart, Our future is forever...

p/s : if grammer tonggang tebalek , sowy , B.I saye failed .

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